Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

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Tips for Buying a Washing Machine

If you’ve determined that fixing your washing machine is no longer cost-effective, it could be time to buy a new one.

But how can you choose which washer to buy with so many options?

Check out our shopping advice for washing machines:

What to Consider When Purchasing a New Washing Machine

Firstly, regarding laundry appliances, different people have varying needs. Do you wash your clothing frequently? Also, do you worry about how much water is used?

When purchasing a washing machine, be sure to bear the following crucial points in mind:

    • Your Budget (If the new washing machine you want is too expensive, consider buying used)
    • Secondly, Load Size (A bigger household should consider Large Capacity washing machines)
    • Regularity of Use
    • Washing Machine Efficiency
    • Finally, Thorough Stain Removal

Top Load Washing Machines

Top-loading washers shouldn’t be discounted when purchasing a washing machine. Some experts think they actually do a better job of cleaning clothes than front-loading washers.

Generally, this can be the ideal choice for you if cost is your primary concern because they are often less expensive than front load models. Because they have been in use for so long, they have developed a reputation for dependability.

Top Load Washer Pros:

  • More Affordable
  • Reliability
  • Add Clothes Mid-Cycle
  • Large Load Capacity

Top Load Washer Cons:

  • Agitator Can Tangle Clothes
  • Harder to Reach Inside
  • Extracts Less Water
  • Creates More Lint

Front Load Washing Machines

At length, research front load washers if you’re thinking of purchasing a washing machine. Because they drain more water from the clothes than top load machines, many HE models can help you save money on water and even shorten drying times.

In fact, many people believe that top load washing machines are superior at removing stains than front loaders.

Front Load Washer Pros:

  • Water & Energy Efficiency
  • Optimal for Stain Removal
  • More Gentle on Clothing
  • Top Storage

Front Load Washer Cons:

  • More Expensive
  • Cycle Time is Longer
  • Capacity is Smaller
  • Unable to Add Clothes Mid-Cycle

Extra Rinse Cycle

In any case, make sure the front-loading washer you choose includes an additional rinse cycle if you decide to purchase one. A little more rinse can be helpful because front load washers often use less water than top load washers.

In the event that you are sensitive to washing detergents, this is especially true. In addition, rinse cycles can be used to get rid of extra pet hair from your clothing.

Stainless Steel Tub Washing Machine

Likewise, consider models with stainless steel tubs when shopping for a washing machine as another of our top buying recommendations. To begin with, this type of washing tub spins more quickly, which helps your laundry absorb more water, decreasing the drying time as well.

Additionally, washers with stainless steel tubs look stylish!

Automatic Dispensers in Washing Machines

Finally, this is one of the better aspects of more recent washing machines. Automatic dispensers deliver bleach, fabric softener, or laundry detergent when it is most effective for the cycle or fabric type you have chosen.

Even more, some machines can store enough detergent for numerous loads, saving you from having to measure it out each time.

Call or Come by DeLand Appliances if you need any additional advice on buying a washing machine. We are pleased to assist you in choosing the ideal washer for your unique requirements.

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