Are used appliances worth buying?

Buying A Used Appliance

Is it worth it? In short, it depends.  It depends on several things such as your budget, and your needs, and your timing to name just a few.

Most used appliances that have been acquired by reputable used appliance companies, usually can provide many hours of service to the new owner.  Some come with a limited warranty, and often, run as expected for many years. Often these used appliances are put through a series of tests and cleanings to ensure the new owner receives a unit that will perform to expectations.

Many sources exist to obtain used appliances. Some great buys can be had online, but buyer beware!

Scams, non-working appliances, and overpriced units are just a few of the risks a buyer can be faced with.

To avoid these potential risks important to purchase a used unit from a reputable source.

There are a few things you should consider before you buy.

  1. How old is the appliance?
  2. Is everything working with this appliance?
  3. Had the unit required any repair?
  4. Is anything missing?
  5. Has the manufacture recalled this units model?

Buying a used appliance can be a of great savings.

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